A Certain Energy Releases Debut Single Fake Love

One-On-One With American Songwriter A Certain Energy

A Certain Energy Releases Debut Single Fake Love
A Certain Energy Releases Debut Single Fake Love

A Certain Energy Releases Debut Single Fake Love

  • A Certain Energy Is The New Hip-hop Sensational Artist
  • One-On-One With American Songwriter A Certain Energy

If you plug in an electrical device, what happens? Well, A Certain Energy is created. Born Shain Richard Romanowski on an island in Asia near Saipan and the Philippines on November 10th, 1995, A Certain Energy is a songwriter and a recording artist who primarily records and performs under the Hip-Hop genre. Shain Romanowski had his basic education at Lakeside Middle School and North Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is currently majoring in Business Administration, Marketing at Purdue University Fort Wayne.

A Certain Energy Releases Debut Single Fake Love
A Certain Energy Releases Debut Single Fake Love

He was introduced to music by his father who took him to studios back in Saipan. His father used to record ballads ranging from acoustic, rock, etc. As time went on he molded ACE by providing him with lessons on how to control his diaphragm as well as studying other artists through their performances. Shain then joined the United States Marines after graduating high school and served overseas.

He quit music three times to be exact before being overseas. After the death of his best friend, Darian Asher-Layman (a fellow Fort Wayne native) he took it upon himself to make his dream come true in honor of Darian. Thanks to the experience he had with his dad, A Certain Energy doesn’t just limit his potentials to just hip-hop but has broadened his scope across all genres which has helped boost his versatility in the industry. The industry is full of saturated music but as an artist like A Certain Energy, it always pays to be original.

Since starting music professionally, A Certain Energy has worked with a good amount of artists which includes Mickey Factz, Sir Michael Rocks, Kota the Friend, and Asher Roth. Working with Red Label Records, he had the privilege to work with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes which I would say is a dream for most unheard artists globally. Now a signed artist under record label Sinclair Media Group Limited, ACE is working towards providing quality music and videography through his craft. Since being signed, he has been able to put Fort Wayne’s name on the map by working hard to have his works published in notable articles including Video City TV’s “Top 5 Indie Artist Music Video Countdown” (Placed 1st, 2017), placement in the XXL Magazine “Spring 2019 Artists to Watch” segment, Vericane Magazine’s 2021 Undeground All-Stars Class, and an interview with YV Hip Hop Magazine in June 2021 (Manhattan, New York).

“Fake Love” was recorded in A Certain Energy’s studio in Fort Wayne, Indiana on February 22nd, 2021. The track was mixed by Aiden “Ack” Ackerley and mastered by Bobby Balow. “This song honestly brought a lot of emotions out of me during the writing process. Looking back at the days where people told me I couldn’t even be in-arms-reach of my dreams took a toll on me. Now everything is possible,” says A Certain Energy.

A Certain Energy Releases Debut Single Fake Love
A Certain Energy

He continues to mention, “You can expect this song to bring inspiration to you in what you strive for. It gives such a cinematic approach to where I’d consider it the underdog’s anthem. I’ll let you guys decide that though.”

Currently signed to a UK-based label, this release comes during a creatively successful year for A Certain Energy. “At the time I made the Fake Love beat, ACE and I had been working together for just two years—the record has its own, unique identity, which is super hard to achieve in today’s “same old” rap industry—let alone considering that we’d never been in the same studio together,” said David Sinclair-Black, CEO, Founder, and Producer at Sinclair Media Group Limited.

A Certain Energy Releases Debut Single Fake Love
A Certain Energy – Fake Love

“Each record ACE and I have released this year has created momentum around the world: from signing his first deal, to making songs with Asher Roth, to simply being put in Lyrical Lemonade playlists. So in terms of what the fans should expect–should be the same explosion of attention from last time, and some more.”

Written by MrrrDaisy

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