Get To Know Rapper Don Itchi

Get To Know Rapper Don Itchi

Real name is Prince Kelvin Eli Kweku Hlordzi popularly known by his stage name as Don Itchi aka Kwaku The Beast ( KTB ). Don Itchi was born to Mr Isaac Hlordzi and Eunice Hlordzi and bred in Burma camp, an environment where most children are prevented from going about their talents due to the strict nature of their parents.

He encountered some  problems trying to break out that mould and  was fortunate to have the support of his mum. She edged him to go ahead and achieve every stated ambition whiles excelling academically and always remember he has her support. That was his greatest motivation and he never looked back till now.

Don itchi released a  single JAIYE early 2020 after he was signed to TRYBE MEDIA RECORDS which features Nigerian Singer Acoustic of MTN hitmaker fame. Jaiye which means “Happiness” in a local Nigerian dialect. The song becomes his first cross-border collaboration as he . The new single showcases the rappers unique flow and lyrical dexterity which sets him apart from other equally stellar rappers in the industry.

For Don Itchi, music has always been the lifestyle, and this is an experience that culminates from his multicultural ties as a Ghanaian.

Don Itchi after releasing “JAIYE” in 2020, he had successfully forged an alliance with his Ghanaian people and culture. This further yielded more collaborations and features in 2020, the rapper also made it known to VOG MEDIA that most of his major tracks which features top mainstream artiste will be released in 2021 so Ghanaians should expect something bigger and massive this year. Don Itchi has released alot of hits song such us Elective Raps , Dundu, Audacity, Talk To Your Girl which features D-Cryme and many more.

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