MUNGMUNG is an upcoming Hip Hop, RnB and Pop artist backed by her weapons of choice; Vocals, songwriting and keys with a weird and whimsical flair. Having headlined at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney for events such as GENEXT and Rooftop Sessions, the Salvation Army’s ‘The Couch Project’ as well as collaborated with Hurstville Council to put together sets for Youth Week and The Lunar New Year Festival, MUNGMUNG has the art of performance down.

Her debut single, ‘Missed Calls’ aired on the FBi Radio’s Backchat on 10th April 2021 and on The Tuckshop from 2ser 107.3FM on 19th April 2021. ‘DMs’, her sophmore single, has been featured on Black of Hearts, Sinusoidal Music, Musosoup online and Triple J. The lead up track, ‘SWITCH’ exclusively premiered on Purple Sneakers, followed by airplay on the likes of The Tuckshop Radio, Three Degrees Fahrenheit, plus Triple J.

It is currently on the Triple J Unearthed play rotation and playlists curated by Declan Byrne, Tommy Faith and Tanya Bunter. ‘NASCAR’ was composed by MUNGMUNG and musical star, Taka Perry (Discography includes working with Ruel, A.Girl, Stevan, Denzel Curry, Pnau and more), who also produced, mixed and mastered the track. The writing, recording and tracking was all wrapped up in one day at Taka’s studio in Sydney. “I’d had the chorus and hook for ’NASCAR’ for some time leading up to this session so I was excited to share it. When I pitched the song to Taka, we both just vibed out! Funnily enough, the initial track idea was headed in a Reggae direction.

As Taka grabbed his guitar and played around, I was thinking “Perhaps, this may not be THE sound for the song…?”. I just didn’t know how to tell him without ruining the ‘groove’. On top of this, I was busting to go to the restroom and just kept mulling over whether I should tell him before or after my trip – I could either rip off the bandaid now or if I wait too long he may finish the demo track before I return (Believe me, he is a genius like that, he could definitely whip it up in 5 minutes, if not less). After getting more on edge, I blurted out the suggestion that we could listen to some RnB, neosoul Hip Hop tracks for further inspiration.

We dived into listening and about ten seconds into one song he hit the space bar with vigour then turned to me and said, “This is all I needed.”. Within minutes he had this super dope chord progression down, accompanied with an 808 boosted beat and cute arcade game type fillers. I was instantly in love!” – MUNGMUNG ‘NASCAR’ is a cheeky, energetic track, a reflection of the subject matter which is also cleverly in the title, a double entendre compound term for getting ‘nasty in the car’.

There are several playful moments in the lyrics and production to highlight the aspects of a young, reckless and wild physical relationship; Change up the pace, keep it exciting and draw out the fun rather than rush to the finish line.

Stream Here.

Written by lyricsvideogh

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