PERISCOPI INVERTIT is a Band and part of the North London multicultural ambient. Great band that plays uplifting music by mixing folk melodies with jazzy vibes and North African rhythms!

The Band members: Mireia Carbonell (Bass Guitar and arrangements), Laura Guarch (Singer), Nicola Rizzo (Flute), Karim Dellali (Percussion), Yaz Fentazi (Oud and Drums), Zac Gvi (Keyboard), Daniel Louis (Steel Pan).

Periscopi Invertit started in Barcelona covering songs of other artists that were mixing folk music with jazz. He then moved to Amsterdam and started to create new arrangements using Catalan folk melodies as a reference and mixing it with funk, jazz and latin music styles. He finally moved to London where he decided to restart the band and asked a couple of Algerian musicians (the darbuka player Karim Dellali and the oud player Yaz Fentazi) to blend their Middle Eastern vibes with my music.

The first time he heard this song, it was sung by a choir and it really captivated him the beauty of this melody.

“I really liked the song and I decided to create my own original arrangement giving to it a more groovy flavour transforming it into a latin song. Later on, when I decided to start my band, due that i wasn’t finding the guitar player I needed, I looked for alternative solutions and decided to call an Oud player that I saw in a jam session. He liked my music and, as I was looking for a darbuka, he advised me to introduce one of his friends. We started putting together all my songs and “El Poder del Cant” was one of the songs that we were enjoying more while performing it, so people was having fun dancing. In this track I’m actually mixing music different styles. The melody and lyrics belong to a Catalan folk song (El Poder del Cant) written a few centuries ago by an anonymous writer. To create the accompaniment I took as a reference the Catalan rumba (Gato Perez, Peret) songwriters, but instead of using the flamenco palmas that you can easily hear in most Catalan rumba songs, I added the Algerian players Yaz Fentazi on oud and Karim Dellali on the darbuka. Last minute, a friend who plays Steel pan offered himself to record some of the accompaniment for this song. I thought that it would be an interesting addition.” – Mireia



Don Francisco se n’estava

tancadet a la presó

quan sa mare en rep la nova

ja n’hi ve una gran tristor (bis)

ja n’hi compra una guitarra

que tenia molt bon so

i a la presó l’hi portava

per calmar-li la tristor

Quan l’haureu a to posada

cantarem una cançó

quina cantaríem ara

quina cantaria jo? (bis)

La que cantava el meu pare

el dia de l’Asenció

don Francisco la cantava

amb un to commovedor

El rei també l’escoltava

de dalt del seu mirador

ja pregunta als seus patges

qui és aquest cantador?

Promptament mana als seus patges

que el treguin de presó

que si ell tenia la culpa

no cantaria, no cantaria pas no!

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Written by lyricsvideogh

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